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Well it’s not just a clock it’s also a screensaver
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By reading the name itself you must have understood that it is a clock. Well where as I think all of us would be bored with the usual and boring menu bar clock. So you have got a nice opportunity to try something new with this Alien Clock 3D Screensaver. Well it’s not just a clock it’s also a screensaver. Means a two in one software well it sounds great right. Well it contains full 3D environment which will refresh your mind as many times you look at the screensaver. Well the theme of this screensaver is time factory with a plasma clock made in future. It also contains realistic scenery of space. It also refreshes you with it fantastic music. Well it also has some magical features in it to tell you have to enjoy your lives every movement with joy at the fullest extent. Any ways this software does not interfere with your work and also will not make your work slower. So you will be able to do your work and when you are tired and want to relax this screensaver will refresh you. And the time factor of this alien will never let you late for your work. Because it will always tell you the correct time. So if you want to enjoy this software known as Alien Clock 3D Screensaver you need to get it now.

Padma Pardhy
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  • It will always keep you fresh
  • Decorates your desktop
  • Keeps you updated with the correct time
  • Cheerful 3D environment


  • May be because of music will not let you hear other things
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